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Taco Macho Taco Macho



Traditional Mexican and Colombian cuisine! Offering a 5% discount with us!

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All ingredients are fresh and the best grade of meats!


Taco Macho emerged from humble beginnings when Ana María Cadavid made the decisión of embarking on a cooking business at her cozy home during tough times for her. She started making her delicious dishes for breakfast and dinner that everybody definitely loved.

Eventually, her food became highly popular in the area and she needed to start looking for a bigger and better spot for her small restaurant. A small truck next to the lagoon in Simpson Bay was the first public location for her dining place.

A year later, she added another truck, widened her kitchen and improved the menu. She offered her meal service for five years at such spot.

In time, she had to move again since the land on which her trucks was about to be sold. It was then that she and her boyfriend found a new location in a rocky area at Alegría. They took charge of the digging work and Ana Maria created a custom-made design of her restaurant, where wooden decoration stands out. This June, they will have ran the business for 5 years now in that location.

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