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Starlite Ford Mustang



You can't go wrong riding in style with this Ford Mustang!

SXM Live Reservation sm

The rates do not include Recovery Fee nor gov Tax 16% & Surcharge, Fuel, or Insurance. If you would like to receive your vehicle at the airport, please be sure to include your flight number and time of arrival. Car seats are available for $5 per day and $30 per week

  • Cash Customers 

Customers seeking to pay for their vehicle using cash are required to produce evidence of a valid credit card. A hold will be place on the credit card as a security deposit until the vehicle is returned to Starlite Car rental and the vehicle has been fully inspected. Once more, the amount is dependent on the deductible of the vehicle. 

  • Debit Cards 

We accept all major Debit Cards. Customers who prefer to pay with a Debit Card may be required to pay a deposit. A hold will be placed on your debit card as a security deposit. The amount is dependent on the deductible of the vehicle.

  • Insurance

-The best way to limit your financial risk in the event of an indecent/accident is to buy a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Supplement. Many Credit Card companies offer their own type of deductible collision coverage comparable to the CDW of Starlite car rental. If you decide to pay for your rental car with a credit card that offers coverage, you can choose to decline our CDW coverage. However, in the event of an incident/accident where Your vehicle is damaged or stolen, you will be held fully liable and will be required to pay the full costs involved. These include but are not limited to; repairs, administrative charges or prohibition of our services. 

  • Starlite Car Rental Deductibles

- Compact –mid-size cars - $750.00 

- Sedans, SUV, Jeeps and (mini)-Vans $1200.00 

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