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Rhino Safari Ride



Ride your own Craft around SXM for 2.5 hours.

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Must be at least 18 years old to drive watercraft. Passengers must be at least 5 years old.


Not recommended for persons with back problems or those who are pregnant.


You do not need any experience to tame this beast. Adventurers are guaranteed a thrill of a lifetime ride that is safe, sturdy, reliable... and tons of fun!


After a brief introduction to the basics of the basics of this wonderful water wanderer, you and a pal are off on a delightful jaunt upon the tropical waves to follow your personal guide to a splendid snorkeling spot. Experience the breathtaking beauty of our underwater world and its amazing inhabitants! Then enjoy a complimentary drink under the beautiful Caribbean sunshine.


Do not go home without having the change to say you rode a Rhino!





The Rhino tour runs throughout the year with several departures every day. Check-in starts 30 minutes prior to departure where clients are given a safety briefing after paying their balance.


Once the briefing is over, people are fixed up with snorkeling gear and life jacket and off they go. While they warm up the engine and get used to the driving of the Rhinos in front of the headquarter, a photographer takes pictures of them that they can purchase when they arrive back after the excursion.


When everybody is in the water, they start their jurney through Simpson bay lagoon, the biggest lagoon of the Caribbean, where they can see huge megayachts up close. After crossing the French bridge, they arrive to the open sea and head to Creal Rock along the western coasts of St Martin, which is always protected.


The tour crosses several secluded beaches, including Lovers bay, the smallest beach on the island, the beautiful Happy bay, and Grand Case, the restaurant capital of the Caribbean. Creal Rock is located at the end of Grand Case. The people stop the boats there, put on their snorkeling gear and jump into  the water to discover the underwater world. Snorkeling takes about 30-40 minutes but if clients do not wish to snorkel we can give you noodles to float around and we have refreshments on board as well.


When everybody is back on board, the group heads back to the headquarter, where they can purchase their photos, refreshments, snacks or different kinds of beach apparrel.


Package includes: boat, snorkeling gear, life jacket, refreshments on board

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