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Dolphin Royal Swim



Dolphin Discovery Royal Swim in Anguilla includes Trip!

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The Royal swim:

Best defined by the words action and speed. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity includes a dolphin kiss, a hug, and a “fin” shake (handshake). Our bottlenose dolphins will conquer your heart with their playful nature and eternal smile. The highlight of our dolphin interactive program is the famous Footpush, where two of our dolphins will push the bottom of your feet, raising them up the water surface with their power and speed. It will feel and look like you're flying! The second highlight is the Dorsal Two, where their two new friends will tow you across the water as you hold firmly but gently unto their dorsal fins.



Foot Push, Kiss, Dorsal Tow, Handshake, Free Time with Dolphins, Hand target (dolphin jumps towards your hands), Games with balls and other playing toys, Dancing.



Speed Boat R/T St. Martin to Anguilla (20 minutes)

- Encounter Swim Program with Dolphins 

- Options for Upgrade to Adventure or Royal swim

- Highlight Island Tour to Shoal Bay Beach

- B.B.Q Lunch in a Beach Restaurant

- Beach Chairs

- Snorkel Gear

- Paddle boar  




Get up Close and Personal with our Dolphin Family in a totally Natural environment on the tranquil island of Anguilla... Only a 20 minute speed boat leap from St. Maarten 


Our package includes one of three different dolphin swim programs of your choice where you have 30 minutes of full interaction with these amazingly friendly mammals.

You also have a highlight island tour to Shoal Bay rated one of the world best white sand beach. Lunch is served on the beach and snorkeling can be realized in an abundance of sea life that thrives on the coral reef at beach's edge.



Check-in starts at 8:15 AM at the Anguilla Ferry Terminal by the airport in front of the blue WinAir building in Simpson Bay.

Everyone must have their Passport to fill in the immigration form, we are going to a British Island.

Everyone boards the speedboat around 9:00 for a 20 minute ride over to Anguilla. You will cross the biggest lagoon in the Caribbean to pass under the bridge on the French side.

From there the ride should take around 20 minutes.

Once in Anguila, you will pass thru the customs and you will meet Kerry, your guide, outside the immigration terminal. She will walk you to the Dolphin office (50 yards away), where the dolphin swimmers will register.

Swimmers, you can even upgrade to a different swim. They will give you a bracelet according to your swim program. 

After registration, Harry, the bus driver, will bring you to the dolphinarium by van, which is only 200 yards away. 

The dolphins guide will instruct you and prepare you for your swim. You have to wear a life jacket for swimming with the dolphins. Your swim program begins... it's playtime!

When your swim program is finished, you can dry yourself and jump back into Harry's van. He will bring you back to the dolphin office where you can visualize your pictures, which were taken of you during your swim program. If you like them, you can buy them. Once that's done, Harry will bring you to Shoal Bay in a 25 minute Highlight Tour of the island. 

Once at Shoal bay there are beach chairs, snorkel gear and paddle board provided. VIP lounge is coming soon.

Do walk the beach all the way to the far right were you can enter the water and the soft current will bring you back effortless towards the restaurant as you snorkel.

BBQ-lunch will be prepared for you at the beach bar/restaurant. The lunch menu constist of, among other things,  chicken, ribs or cheeseburger comes with rice or french fries, green salad and pasta salads.

A rum punch or fruit punch with a bottle of water is offered during your lunch. 

You are free to roam around at your ease and walk the beach, try the other local bars... explore the local shops as you go along.

Harry will meet you back at the restaurant at around 3:30 pm, so we could meet back the boat for our return to St. Martin, scheduled for around 4:45 pm.


Price does not include $18 per-person port tax


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